Who Is PCP?

Primary Care Progress is a 501(c)3 nonprofit working to revitalize our primary care system and address the national shortage of primary care providers and leaders. PCP works directly with health care students and trainees across the country to promote leadership, innovation, and advocacy in primary care. PCP does this through an interprofessional network of 45 chapters and thousands of members across the country which it provides leadership training, coaching, a platform for discussing interprofessionalism and innovation as well as strategic advice on changing the culture of primary care at their schools, institutions or local communities.

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Leadership and PCP

The Challenge

Our current health care system is failing us. Care is too often disorganized, uncoordinated, and error-prone; payment systems reward volume, not value.  Onerous scope of practice laws prevent members of the care team from operating at the top of their training and our patient-provider interactions are often confined to 15-minute encounters that leave neither patient nor provider satisfied. There is wide agreement that patient-centered primary care is essential to fixing our broken health care system, but the primary care workforce pipeline faces huge challenges. In addition to unprecedented levels of educational debt and a reimbursement system that has devalued primary care services, our trainees also frequently face active discouragement, isolation, inadequate exposure to promising new models of primary care delivery, and outdated curriculum that leave them ill-prepared to work on interprofessional teams. The resulting growing shortage of high value primary care services will only make it more difficult for patients to get the care they want and need.
Interested in learning how we fit into the big picture of primary care transformation?  Check out our video "On a Mission to Transform Primary Care"


Primary Care Progress: On a Mission to Transform Primary Care
Our Story

Primary Care Progress started in 2010, when a handful of primary care trainees across the country connected over the same concern: the marginalized status of primary care at medical and other health professional training schools around the country.  The students and trainees, from Harvard Medical School and The University of California, San Francisco, strategized about how to leverage their power to strengthen primary care training, and ensure that they and their colleagues would be exposed to a hopeful vision of primary care delivery.

This initial collaboration led to a grassroots movement at medical schools, nursing schools and physician assistant programs around the country. In less than three years, Primary Care Progress has grown into an interprofessional network of over 45 chapters and thousands of members across the country.  This passionate community is united by a common vision for changing how primary care is delivered and how providers are trained, as well as a commitment to mobilizing an interprofessional effort to accelerate that change.

Our Approach
While a top-down approach might bring about change in primary care,  PCP believes in the value of a direct grassroots approach that empowers those individuals and groups on the frontlines of primary care delivery and training.   Our approach employs a field organizing model that engages clinicians, trainees and educators from the various professions and disciplines delivering primary care (Family Medicine, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine).  Our national team works with this diverse group of primary care supporters- providing them with advocacy training, leadership development, media attention, tools and strategic support to help them reach their goals.

We’re seeing tremendous movement.  PCP members around the country are initiating powerful efforts in local academic communities to promote the importance of primary care, expose trainees to the promise and excitement of new models of primary care delivery, and advance primary care education reform initiatives. Trainees are playing a critical role in these local efforts, bringing leadership, skills, passion, and optimism to the mix.   


Change is HERE.
The future of primary care has arrived.
Join the movement for primary care today. 


2013 Annual Report

Our 2013 Annual Report highlights the exciting events and projects from within our network in the past year, you can view the report online here, or download the complete report here.

PCP Chapters

Learn more about what a PCP chapter is and how you can start or join one. 

About Gregg Stracks

Dr. Gregg Stracks was one of PCP’s founding members.  Gregg was a born teacher, visionary, and optimist.  His commitment to community building and leadership was palpable to anyone he encountered.  One of his students was PCP’s President and Founder, Dr. Andrew Morris-Singer. Andrew met Gregg when he was brought in to conduct leadership training during Andrew's junior year of Internal Medicine residency.  The two formed a relationship that would change Andrew’s approach to his team and his career.  Read Andrew’s reflections on that relationship here.

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