Trainings and Webinars

Webinar scheudle for Spring 2015 - we offer a wide range of webinar topics and opportunities to learn how to build teams, create events and make your chapter the best it can be.

Building Your Chapter

How to Start a PCP Chapter
- Outlines the process for starting a PCP Chapter.
Chapter Expectations - Learn the basics about PCP Chapters.

Local Needs Assessment – These questions will help you think about what issues need to be addressed in your primary care community.

Building Your Core Leadership Team - This video from the PCP Leadership 101 Webinar Series addresses how to build momentum and recruit leaders for your group.

Transitioning to a New Leadership Team - We've pulled together the best practices for transitioning to a new interdiscipinary leadership team. 

Soliciting Donations for Your Chapter - We have some tips for soliciting local donations for your chapter events and activities. 

Media Resources

PCP Logo and Usage Guidelines - The PCP logo can be used in promotional materials by PCP chapters.  We've provided a high-resolution logo for download, as well as guidelines for placement and color matching when printing.

Media Toolkits for PCP Chapters
- These toolkits are intended to help chapter members collect, create, and disseminate media that show chapter successes and provide guidance for others looking to get involved in primary care advocacy and action. 

Event Packet -
Getting ready to host an event?  This packet includes a few of the basic things you'll need to have on hand. 

Ideas for Programs and Events

How To: Host a Local Screening of Rx: The Quiet Revolution - Use this toolkit to help put on a screening  of the documentary that highlights physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who are placing the patient at the center of their practice – transforming the way medical care is delivered while lowering costs. 

Event Toolkit: Interprofessional Speed Dating - Use this toolkit to put on a "speed dating" event, an easy and effective way to build interprofessional connections at your school. 

Social Histories: A Storytelling Event - Based on storytelling programs like This American Life, The Moth, RadioLab, and Story Corps, the PCP UCSF chapter hosted an event to share stories of the realities of practicing primary care. 

TOM Talks - TOM talks: Transforming Outpatient Medicine was created by the UCSF chapter and is inspired by TED Talks, a program with the tagline “Ideas Worth Spreading”.  These events feature a few talks that are brief, dynamic and highlight one important idea worth sharing, followed by discussion. 

Local Clinical Innovation Case Study Workshop - Local clinicians will present a challenge that their clinic is working on without revealing the solution they are implementing. Participants will then breakout into groups to discuss the problem and potential solutions.

Away from the Exam Table: Patients Speak with Clinicians - This event creates a space for clinicians and a target patient group to discuss expectations in care delivery and low-cost, low-effort medical options and outlets for that group in their geographical region. 
The Impact of Messaging About Primary Care - Participants will learn about the effects of negative messaging about primary care, and have an opportunity to learn and practice methods of responding to misinformation about primary care that will make them an effective advocate for primary care.

Evaluating Clinical Microsystems Workshop – Participants will be able to define and describe a clinical microsystem, understand how it increases patient safety and care quality, and examine the role of the microsystem as a laboratory for clinical innovation.

Primary Care Innovation Collaborative - Primary Care Innovation Collaboratives create a community to partner clinician innovators with trainees to help design and implement ways to improve primary care delivery in clinical practices.

How to Survey Your Primary Care Community - The University of Pennsylvania conducted a survey to determine the needs and interests of their primary care community. Here's how to adapt their process.

Have an idea for an event? Be sure to send it to and our field team will help you get it set up!


Chapter Funding Proposal Form - Complete and submit to before an event to request funding for an event or activity.

Reimbursement Request Form - Complete this form and follow the instructions in order to be reimbursed for your approved funding proposal.

Participant Evaluation Survey - Find out how your event was received so you can make the next one even better.

PCP Organizing Pearls

Pearl: How to Facilitate a Team Meeting - While facilitating a meeting can seem intuitive, here are a few tips to help make sure you get the most out of the time with your team.

Pearl: How to Write a Better Email – Emailing is challenging when you want to grab someone's attention and motivate them to take action. Wondering how to do this? This pearl is for you.

Pearl: How to Get Turn-Out - How do you get bigger turnout at your events and bring in diverse constituencies?

Pearl: The Importance of Roles - As the lead organizer of an event, you can't be in ten different places at once, which is why you've assembled such a great team. Here are four key roles you'll want to be sure to have.

Pearl: Pump Up Your Panel – Make your panel community friendly, interactive, and relevant.

Pearl: Debrief - Taking about 15-20 minutes to debrief with your team is one of the most important things you can do after an event. Here's how you can structure a debrief session.

Pearl: Follow-Up – Tips on following up with people, projects, and the positives about an event.

You can always email our Field Organizers with any questions, comments, or requests! Contact


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