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  • 8 Replies
    Team Primary Care!

    The PCP national office is BUZZING with activity and excitement in anticipation of your arrival. The summit this year is going to be REALLY special. Why? Partly because of all of you. You're taking PCP to the next level with your activities, insights and passion. Seriously, we learn soo much from all of you everyday. We brag about all of you ALL THE TIME.

    But the summit is also going to be ever-so-special this year because we're adding a bunch of new cont...
  • 8 Replies
    Hello Everyone!

    My name is a Jonathan Jimenez. I'm a fourth year medical student at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and 2014-2015 Clinical Innovation Fellow. I have already had the opportunity to speak with some of you over the phone and am looking forward to meeting many more of you at the summit. 

    I just arrived to PCP headquarters this morning! It's an exciting time here, everyone is working over time to make the summit a wonderful success for all of you. I was lucky enou...
  • 8 Replies
    Hey there!  My name is Kylia Garver.  I work with Kathy on the Development Team.  My passion is public health, particularly maternal and child health.  I am currently finishing up my MPH at Boston University.  I grew up in the Midwest.   Have no fear - at least one person on staff at PCP will be able to identify your home state on a map.  ;)  I look forward to meeting you Friday night.  Come talk to me, please!  
  • 8 Replies
    Greetings from Steph!

    After months of emailing with most of you, I am excited to see you all in person! For me, the summit is a time to come together as a community to examine our power and plan (or continue planning) how we are going to change healthcare for the better this year.

    Here's a photo of our post-it note timeline that Chloe was talking about.

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