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  • 5 Replies
    Thank you to everyone who put this webinar together and for inviting me as well! If anyone would like to continue the discussion or thinks of a question down the road don't hesitate to email me at Thanks again!
  • 5 Replies
    Hi Jarratt, Thanks for the question. This was an amibitious program - deciding to start IPE with a class of 600 students per year! Who knows what we were thinking back in 2006!!! With that said, from the get go, we had all profession sat the table as well as students involved from the get go which has served us well. The only way to make an IPE program like this work is to get buy-in from students, to make sure that it is not just going to add to curriculum overload, that something tang...
  • 5 Replies
    Hi Owen, Thanks for a great session! Really enjoyed it. There is no formal EHR training as part of the HMP since the health mentors are "teachers" and not patients. With that said, we are piloting newer ways of bringing health information technology into the curriculum and piloted the use of an iBook this fall for our students who were participating in the HMP home visit - the iBook included a vitural home visit and medication reconciliation exercise and was generally well r...
  • 5 Replies
    Quick question for Dr. Collins, how long did it take to get the HMP up and running? It seems like a massive project to get buy-in across all schools - do you feel this was a botton-up or top-down endeavour?