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    It is an honor to have the chance to share a few lessons that my good friend Gregg Stracks taught me. Being around Gregg filled us with joy and hope - his optimism and enthusiasm for life and connecting was inspiring and heart-warming.

    1) Communicating is the first step toward progress: communicating frequently and well (both positive and negative thoughts) is not an optional task - it is a necessity!
    2) Be Curious: Curiosity is at the center of being a good friend, physi...
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    Hey everyone,

    The official countdown to the 2014 Gregg Stracks Leadership Summit has begun!  Just 30 days until Cambridge, MA is flooded with primary care leaders from health professional training schools across the country!  You are definitely an exciting and diverse group.  

    Because your days spent at the summit will hopefully be filled with inspiration, learning and action, let's use this online forum to make some connections in advance of 9/26. Could you shar...
  • 2 Replies
    For those involved in Primary Care Progress who were not fortunate enough to ever meet him, I wanted to just say a few words about my wonderful friend Gregg Stracks.  Gregg was simply one of a kind, and I say that without exaggeration.  He had a unique blend of kindness and curiosity, of compassion for others combined with fascination with human relationships in all their forms.  A friendship with Gregg was a rare gift because he both valued you so deeply as a person, but also w...
  • 2 Replies
    Gregg Stracks was a truly unique and unforgettable person. For his friends and family, please share your memories of Gregg. Tell us more about him, his values, his gifts. For those who never knew him, feel free to learn more about Gregg here or post your own thoughts as you'd like. 


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