PCP is Hotspotting!
Primary Care Progress is honored to partner with The Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers (CCHP) and the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) on the 2014 Student Hot Spotting Mini-Grant Project! Learn about the project and the teams who have been selected to hotspot here.

Clinical Innovation Network Webinar
On July 9th, PCP hosted a webinar highlighting direct primary care, a fast-growing clinical model that allows patients direct access to providers for a small monthly fee.  This webinar featured the co-founders of AtlasMD, who focused on advice for medical trainees interested in the direct primary care model. Watch the recording here.

Annual Gregg Stracks Leadership Summit

In September, PCP will host its third annual Gregg Stracks Leadership Summit in Cambridge, Mass. This interactive, skills-building summit will launch our primary care community into a powerful year of relationship and movement building, campaigns, and action.  Learn more about this year's summit...

Primary Care Progress 2013 Annual Report
Primary Care Progress is excited to release its annual report for the year ending December 21, 2013. To read more about the exciting events and projects from within our network in the past year, you can view the report online here, or download the complete report here.

Leadership + Innovation Academy

Primary Care Progress and Iora Health are excited to announce the Primary Care Leadership + Innovation Academy, a program to develop new leaders in primary care innovation. The academy will engage a group of primary care medical and nurse practitioner residents for a curriculum that combines immersion in advanced clinical innovation in primary care with training in enhanced communication and community engagement strategies.  Learn more...

Latest from Progress Notes

At Primary Care Progress, we believe that innovation can transform primary care from a field that breeds burnout to a field that brings joy to its practitioners. Students, trainees, and young clinicians should be leaders of such innovation. In this piece from our archives, two med students describe a program that trains future doctors to be... more...
Posted by Sonya Collins on Progress Notes Aug 21, 2014 11:15 AM EDT
Even after your formal training is complete, this family physician says it's still normal to ask yourself, "When will I feel like a real doctor?"  By Randi Sokol, M.D., M.P.H. In medical school I used to ask myself, “When will I feel like a real doctor?” During intern year, I asked the same question. Now as a new... more...
Posted by Sonya Collins on Progress Notes Aug 19, 2014 11:44 AM EDT
Robin Williams' death this week reminds us that mental health conditions are often unseen. What's more, our health care system is designed in a way that allows people living with these conditions to fall through the cracks - their problems only visible to others when it is too late. In this post from our archives, Benjamin Miller explains how... more...
Posted by Sonya Collins on Progress Notes Aug 14, 2014 12:16 PM EDT
Many members of the PCP community attended the Direct Primary Care Summit in Arlington, VA, this summer. We'll be sharing their perspectives here over the coming weeks .  Today a medical student questions the accessibility of direct primary care. By Brett Clark One of my main interests in primary care is providing care to all people,... more...
Posted by Sonya Collins on Progress Notes Aug 12, 2014 9:55 AM EDT
In today's Progress Notes , this physician puts a positive spin on a negative review of the patient-centered medical home. By Ira Nash, M.D. There is an old gag  about an intensely optimistic child whose bright outlook on life is so irrepressible that when he is presented with a room full of manure for Christmas, he screams with delight,... more...
Posted by Sonya Collins on Progress Notes Aug 7, 2014 1:36 PM EDT


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Primary Care Progress is a grassroots network of innovators, educators, students, and advocates united by a new vision for revitalizing primary care.  Read more about us...

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Sixty million Americans lack adequate access to primary care at the same time that medical schools are producing fewer primary care physicians. Watch and learn about the crisis and what you can do.

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